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127 dandies strutted away with clip-on bow ties at last Thursday’s CRAFT BAR. To our pleasure, there were a plethora of first-time craftsters. This infamous collaboration between Britex Fabrics, The Museum and Craft and Folk Art, Bretts and Avery from Whippersnapped, and Etsy was a hotbed of mad stitchery, and there have been requests for a repeat performance. Can we say Guinness World Records for community bow tie making?


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Bow-wow! An admirer made this howlingly delicious clip-on bow tie out of a wee bit of Britex Fabric brocade. We adore the Spaniel’s little pink tongue and the golden paisley background. You can buy clip-on bow tie findings on Britex Fabric’s 3rd floor, and brocade fabric on both the 1st and 2nd floors.

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