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Britex Fabric’s second floor is blooming with a new shipment of soft Liberty of London cotton lawn! Today my favorite is this one with grey and brown birch trees adorned with fantastical fleurs and paisley. As Nanki-Poo would say……
“The flowers that bloom in the spring, Tra la,
Breathe promise of merry sunshine —
As we merrily dance and we sing, Tra la,
We welcome the hope that they bring, Tra la,
Of a summer of roses and wine, Of a summer of roses and wine.
And that’s what we mean when we say that a thing
Is welcome as flowers that bloom in the spring. Tra la la la la, Tra la la la la,
The flowers that bloom in the spring.”

(From The Mikado and by the immortal Gilbert and Sullivan)


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This Liberty of London Art Nouveau print has graceful flowing lines and clear muted colors. It is just the thing to segue from rainy winter mornings to the dewy newness of spring, and would make a luxuriously fabulous shawl-collared robe.

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The new Liberty of London is finally here! We have 32 bolts on Britex Fabric’s 2nd floor. I’ve been told they will be ready by this weekend. There are several patterns that I am swooning to make into spring pajamas with contrasting collar and cuff piping.

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