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The generous folks at FreeVintageKnitting bring you this charming knit pram set consisting of a jacket and hood, leggings and mittens in two sizes (6m and 12m.) We love the elfin hood and long to sew a giant pom-pom on its tip. The jacket is double-breasted, offering an opportunity to spotlight these adorable lucky Kelly green monkey buttons.


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And how do I end my midnight constitutional? With one more meander past majestic and crumbling late-19th century villas, or do I linger while staring out over the dark river Saar? I find a green painted metal bench and lean back, mulling over possible futures. How can anyone tell what will happen; we are given a basket of dreams, only to discover that each symbol is obscured by our past. I fiddle with my fedora as I look up at the silvery moon, and the cobweb wisps of clouds rushing by in the night sky. I have tacked on a perky yellow and brown feather with a mischievous yellow monkey button to my striped silk hatband. A gypsy houseboat floats by with flags fluttering, and an accordionist leaning at the brow playing “You Can’t Get a Man with A Gun”.
“If I went to battle
With someone’s herd of cattle
You’d have steak when the job was done.
But if I shot the herder,
They’d holler “bloody murder”
And you can’t shoot a male
In the tail like a quail
Oh you can’t get a man with a gun.
I’m cool, brave and daring
To see a lion glaring
When I’m out with my Remington
But a look from a mister
Will raise a fever blister
Oh you can’t get a man with a gun.”

(By Irving Berlin)

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I’m wearing a formation of seven lucky 11/16″ monkey up the front of my white cotton lawn pajamas. My PJ pant’s ankles are trimmed with matching green ball fringe, and I have pink felted slippers on my feet. It is 5 am and still cool. I’m lounging on the veranda, trying to recall last night’s dreams, and drinking a iced coffee from a crystal tumbler. My tortie kitten weaves purring between my ankles, finally settling down to slumber on one of my fuzzy slippers. I nibble on some sourdough bread spread with sweet butter, then open the newspaper. They have reprinted Tintin by Hergé, a favorite comic from my childhood. I am engrossed in “Land of Black Gold”.
Green monkey button

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